Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our office is closed to the public.  Please use one of our online bill payment solutions or call the office 925-625-3798 to make payment arrangements.

Start & Stop Service

Start Water Service

Email the appropriate application to customers@diablowater.org.

Applications must be received by 12pm (Monday - Friday) for same day turn-ons.  For after hour turn-ons, please call the office at (925) 625-3798 (additional fees may apply).

Please note that a security deposit of $100 for property owners, or twice the estimated monthly bill, whichever is greater, will be placed on your first bill.  A security deposit of $200 is required for tenants. At the time of application, $100 (CASH/CHECK) is due and the remaining $100 will be added to your first water bill. For additional District information please review the new customer packet.

Stop Water Service

Email the disconnect request to customers@diablowater.org.

Requests must be received by Noon for same day turn-offs.

Customers are responsible for any water used, therefore it is important to inform the District in a timely manner that you are closing your account to avoid additional water charges and to get your deposit back. If a customer fails to pay the final bill for water service within 45 days after they have vacated the premises, the account will be sent to collections.