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Request to Disconnect Water Service

Please complete this form to disconnect water service. To start new residential water service, please complete the Application For New Residential Water Service Form.

Requests must be received by Noon for same day turn-offs.  You may complete the form below or print and email/mail the form to our office.  Please note, if our office is closed due to a holiday, all turn-offs will be completed next business day.

Request to Disconnect Water Service

Example: 012-34567-89
We are unable to back date disconnects. We must receive your request by 12 pm, Monday through Friday, non-holidays, for same day disconnect.
Zip Code
If you are moving to a different Oakley residence, please also complete the Application for Water Service.

Authorization to Disconnect Water Service

This request will be processed, and the water meter will be read within one (1) business day of the requested close date (Monday through Friday; non-holidays). Any open deposit on the account will be applied to the final bill. If you are transferring service to another residence within our service area, any open deposits will be transferred to the new service address. Diablo Water District reserves the right to request copies of escrow closing documents, or rental agreements, before processing any requests for change of water service.

Release of Liability

I request that Diablo Water District turn off the water at the above service address regardless of anyone being at the premises. I realize that if all water-using appliances are not completely closed, or if there are any leaks, the premises may suffer water damage. I hereby accept full responsibility for any such damage and agree to hold Diablo Water District harmless if any damage should occur.
By selecting the "Submit" button, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement and consent to be legally bound by this Agreement's terms and conditions.