Stage 1 Water Shortage

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About Us


Diablo Water District is an independent, self-governing local public agency created on May 7, 1953, under the County Water District Law of California. The District is governed by an elected five-member Board of Directors. Learn more about California Special Districts.

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Board of Directors of Oakley County Water District (changed to Diablo Water District on May 1, 1993) outlining the formation of the District.

Our Mission

To be environmentally responsible stewards of the water resources in our care for the benefit of our community by continually striving to be leaders in: high-quality water, customer service, public engagement, technical innovation, and responsible fiscal management.

Who We Serve

The District, with a staff of 19 employees, obtains, treats, and supplies water for about 42,000 people and the parks, schools, and businesses throughout a 21-square-mile area consisting of Oakley, Cypress Corridor, and Hotchkis Tract, as well as Summer Lakes, and portions of Bethel Island and Knightsen.

Diablo Water District Goals

  1. Provide public outreach on a continuing basis in order to keep our customers educated and informed about the District's activities and services.
  2. Always seek opportunities to augment the District's water supply for improved reliability and reduced costs without sacrificing water quality.
  3. Ensure that the District's water system is adequately sized, maintained, and improved in order to provide water service to not only existing, but future, customers.
  4. In all contacts with the public, employees shall (1) strive to be accurate and (2) be courteous and professional.
  5. Play an active role in the community through the Chamber of Commerce and community events.
  6. Seek opportunities to work jointly with neighboring businesses and agencies to provide improved or lower cost services.