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Rebates and More

Diablo Water District's customers are eligible to receive water conservation rebates and FREE Home Water Use Surveys from Contra Costa Water District, which supplies the District with Delta water.

Water-Saving Rebates

Lose a Lawn - Get a Garden     Lose a Lawn, Get a Garden With Up to $1,000 Rebate

Up to $1,000 rebates are available to help you transform your water guzzling turf into a beautiful low-water use landscape.

  • Pre-approval is required.
  • Non-residential sites call for details.

More Water Conservation Tips

The Bay Area, like only 2 percent of the world, has a Mediterranean climate. This means that we have cool, wet winters and summer droughts.

Thus, it is important to have landscaping that uses drought-tolerant plants, efficient irrigation, and employs other water-saving methods.

CCWD has a water efficient Demonstration Garden that you can visit to see how plants grow using 50 percent less water than a comparable lawn.

Free, Home Water Use Survey

This is a free service offered by Contra Costa Water District to Diablo Water District Customers

Home Water Use Survey

During the home water survey, a member of CCWD's water conservation team will:

  • Provide useful conservation tips to help you manage your water use.
  • Inspect irrigation stations, and provide a checklist of suggested improvements.
  • Provide irrigation scheduling information to assist you with programming your timer.
  • Check for signs of leaks
  • Demonstrate how to read your water meter and use it to monitor your use.
  • Provide high-efficiency showerheads and kitchen faucet aerators, if needed.