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Rates and Resources

Diablo Water District is a not-for-profit public agency run by local elected officials. All revenues received by the District are used exclusively to enhance and sustain our water system. This includes ongoing operations, maintenance, and critical infrastructure upgrades such as water main replacements and reservoir rehabilitations.

Your water bill includes a Water Consumption Charge, determined by your water usage, and a Service Charge to cover the fixed operational costs of our water system. For a detailed breakdown of our water consumption and service charges, please click here.

Water Rates

We are committed to providing you with a reliable and resilient water supply while maintaining transparency about our rates. We encourage you to learn more about water rates and the services we provide. By staying informed and using water efficiently, you can make a significant difference on your monthly bill.

Water Consumption Charge*:

Tier 1: 0-8 units $3.98 per unit
Tier 2: 9-14 units $6.71 per unit
Tier 3: 15+ units $9.82 per unit

1 Unit = 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons

*Single-Family Volumetric Rates effective 7/1/2024

Monthly Service Charge:

5/8-inch meter = $23.56 (typical home)
1-inch meter = $58.90
1½-inch meter = $117.80
2-inch meter = $188.48
3-inch meter = $412.30

Customer Resources

Other Charges

  • Application Fee: $30 charged to customer's first bill.
  • Call Out Charge: $300 to connect or disconnect water service after 4 p.m. and on weekends.
  • Check Valve Charge: $6.04 (½ to 2-inch) Monthly charge based on the size of the device being checked. For a full list of service charges, please click here.
  • Delinquent Notice Fee: $10 upon mailing of this notice.
  • Delinquent Notice - Door Tag: $30 if payment is not made by close of business the day before water is to be disconnected.
  • Late Charge: 7% of balance not paid by delinquent date.
  • Returned Item Charge: $30 per unpaid item returned from bank.
  • Security Deposit: $100 for owners and $200 for tenants, or twice the estimated monthly bill, whichever is greater.
  • Tampering With Locked Service: $175 plus damages.
  • Trip Charge: $35 per trip to notify customer of disconnection, disconnect service for non-payment, or to reinstate service.