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Updated Drought Conditions

Current Drought Conditions

Seasons of California droughts are causing significant impacts on the State’s water resources. The swings from cold, rainy days to hot, dry summers lead to unpredictable flood and drought seasons that affect our future water supply.

Although we are not currently in a stage of drought, we ask our customers to remain efficient in their water usage under the guidance of our water efficiency regulation.

We must invest in our water supply to ensure a sustainable future for the resources in our care. It is critical to find ways to maintain a resilient and diverse water supply that can withstand these extreme weather conditions. Water is a precious resource, and we need to conserve it as much as possible.

The District continues to invest in and improve upon our current water system and mains and is on an industry-leading 100-year replacement cycle.

Water Efficiencies

State Mandated Permanent Conservation

In 2018, the State Legislature passed permanent conservation standards.  Learn how they may impact your water use.