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Current Drought Updates

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Updated Drought Conditions

Current Drought Conditions

July 2021

We recognize that many of our customers have previously implemented conservation efforts and continue to do so on a daily basis.  To those customers, we are thankful and ask that you continue to be efficient.  For customers using in excess of 14,000 gallons per month in the summer—roughly 19 units—Diablo Water District encourages you to find ways to maximize water-efficiency in your home and landscape and reduce water waste.  For ways to conserve, please click here.  You can also follow us on Facebook at for more conservation ideas.  Together, we will get through this drought.

May 2021

The governor has moved forward and declared additional watersheds to be in a State of Emergency due to the State's drought. Contra Costa County, in addition to many other counties, are now included.

At this time, there are no mandatory actions directed towards local water agencies or our customers. As with most State of Emergency Declarations, they are used to remove roadblocks and expedite the flow of funding and projects to address the emergency.

We are able to meet our customer's water demands this year, however we do not know how long this drought is going to last. We are asking customers to be efficient and eliminate any wasteful practices. Should the drought persist, water that is saved this year will help all of us next year.

You can read the full proclamation here.

State Mandated Permanent Conservation

In 2018, the State Legislature passed permanent conservation standards.  Learn how they may impact your water use.