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Emergencies and Shut Downs

The District operates a pressurized system of pipes that rely on pumps, tanks, wells and over 175 miles of pipeline to deliver water to your home / business 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Emergencies happen and the District may need to temporarily turn off water service.  In the event of a service line break, only your home may be impacted.  During water main breaks, entire neighborhoods may be affected.

Steps to Take During an Emergency

  1. Call the District to notify us of the water emergency.  If it is a system-wide emergency, such as an earthquake, we will not be able to field all the calls, but we will have all staff deployed to the field to assess and repair as needed.
  2. If your home has no water, turn off the water to your house.
  3. Once the water is turned back on, staff will deliver a door hanger with additional information for you to follow.  This typically involves flushing your water lines by turning on your tub and running at full flow for 5 minutes.