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Diablo Water District

Diablo Water District

Diablo Water District obtains, cleans, and supplies water for about 44,000 people and the parks, schools, and businesses throughout a 21-square-mile area consisting of the City of Oakley, Cypress Corridor, Hotchkiss Tract, as well as Summer Lakes, and portions of Bethel Island and Knightsen. More than 80 percent of the District’s water supply comes from the Sacramento- San Joaquin River Delta (Delta), a water system that provides drinking water to nearly two-thirds of the state’s population and provides irrigation water for much of the state’s agricultural industry. The remaining 20 percent of water supply comes from local groundwater that the District pumps and blends with imported Delta water.


IronhouseFor over 75 years, Ironhouse has been providing wastewater treatment services in the community. Since 2011, Ironhouse has been producing recycled water by collecting wastewater in the area and cleaning it at its state-of-the-art recycled water facility using a membrane bioreactor and ultra-violet light disinfection. The recycled water is either provided to customers at the Ironhouse Recycled Water Fill Station where they can pick up water for landscape irrigation, construction applications and other uses approved by the state, or it is released to the San Joaquin River.

Ironhouse recycled water treatment facilities, and the use of recycled water, are strictly regulated by the state. Water is routinely monitored and tested throughout the treatment process for the protection of public health. Ironhouse’s recycled water treatment facilities, operators, and management have won numerous awards over the years, including California Water Environment Association – San Francisco Bay Section’s Small Agency Plant of the Year Award in 2019 and 2021. Visit the Ironhouse website for more information.