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Recycled Water Benefits

Project BenefitsSeveral factors can impact the reliability of our water supply which include: recurring drought conditions; climate variability; vulnerability of the Delta conveyance system to floods and seismic events; and regulatory limitations on surface water and groundwater pumping. To address these issues, Diablo Water District remains focused on long-term water solutions and maintaining integrity with ratepayer’s funds. This approach aligns with our mission to be environmentally responsible stewards of the water resources in our care for the benefit of our community by continually striving to be leaders in: high-quality water, customer service, public engagement, technical innovation, and responsible fiscal management.

Purified water as an additional water source would provide many benefits:

  • Provide a local, sustainable, and drought-proof water source
  • Enhance the quality of the existing drinking water supply
  • Augment the District’s groundwater supply and improve sustainability of the groundwater basin
  • Reduce reliance on imported Delta water supply
  • Increase the region’s water supply resiliency