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New Online Payment Platform Coming Soon

As part of a larger 12 month financial and utility billing software upgrade project, effective July 30, 2020 at 11:59pm, Diablo Water District will officially stop taking payments from our previous processing company (Paydici).

No online payments or registration can occur with our new processing company (Municipal Payments), until August 17, 2020. During our downtime of July 31st through August 17th, no late fees will occur.

After sending our July bill insert/email, the District has received additional information from our new bill processing company, and the following are all free options to pay. You will note, options 1 and 2 were not included in the previous insert and are indeed not subject to transaction fees.

  1. Auto withdrawal through your checking account (ACH)
  2. Using your bank’s vendor bill pay option that issues and mails a physical check to the District
  3. Mailing or dropping off a physical check
  4. Cash(less) payments such as Money Order
  5. Cash, as a last resort, given current outbreak

We hope that you will find value in the many new features the District will be launching with this software conversion. Some features will include but not be limited to: leak alerts, high bill consumption alerts and more. By having these new tools, our goal is to help our customers save water and save money, that will more than offset any fees a customer may incur by not choosing one of the free payment options outlined above.