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Request for FREE Custom Conservation Kit

Diablo Water District is offering FREE custom conservation kits to our residential customers. Customize your kit and we will deliver your kit to your porch. Please call (925) 625-3798 with any questions. Kit items are offered on a first-come, first-served basis while they last, and is limited to one kit per residence in a calendar year. To receive your free kit, please complete this request form.
Please complete this request form and we will deliver your kit to your porch. Please call (925) 625-3798 with any questions.
Conservation kits are currently offered to Diablo Water District customers only.


Please indicate the quantity needed of all conservation products you would like to receive in your kit.
The Shower Pro Massage head allows you to enjoy a luxe shower with three different shower settings - gentle rain, massage, or combo. Equipped with an on/off button, and a flow rate of 1.75 gpm or less, you can soap up and save! This will save you up to $70 on average annually in heating and water bills!
This kitchen faucet aerator has swivel and spray stream action for effective cleaning. The easy touch flow restrictor turns the flow on and off, so you can save energy and water. It flows at 1.5 gpm. Dual-threaded to fit all ends. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HOSE ATTACHMENTS.
This bathroom faucet aerator produces an aerated stream that is a larger stream, soft to the touch. It is dual-threaded and flows at 1.0 gpm, with pressure compensation for a consistent and even flow.
Use these dye tablets to check for silent toilet leaks that can waste up to 7,000 gallons per year. To use, simply drop the tablets into the tank. If colored water appears in the bowl after a few minutes, you have a leak and repairs should be made.
This deluxe Seven Spray Hose Nozzle features seven spray settings—everything from full force to mist—to get the job done. Save water by stopping the flow when you put down the hose. Limit 1 per household as supplies last.