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Groundwater Sustainability Agency

Notice of Public Meeting - June 23, 2021

Current Status of Groundwater Sustainability Plan

Currently, the Groundwater Sustainability Plan Section 6 is available for public review.

The next public workshop will occur on June 23, 2021 at 4:00pm.  During this session, participants will:

  1. Learn what the new law (Sustainable Groundwater Management Act [SGMA]) is and how it affects East Contra Costa.
  2. Receive an overview of what the GSP will include.
  3. Learn about Key Topics, Technical Work, and Findings to Date.
  4. Discuss the undesirable results (in the context of SGMA) that the GSP will work to prevent.
  5. How residents can provide input on the GSP.

The workshop will include opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback on the discussion topics. Due to ongoing public health considerations, this meeting will only be available online. You may register here.

If you need any assistance participating in this meeting, please contact facilitation-team@comcast.net to receive other options.

Groundwater Public Wokshop July 9, 2020

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

Recognizing the importance of groundwater, and the consequences of overuse, a package of bills addressing the sustainable management of groundwater in California was approved in 2014. Collectively, these bills are the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

Our Local Groundwater Basin is known as the East Contra Costa Subbasin

It stretches from Antioch and Bethel Island, through Oakley, Brentwood, Knightsen, down through Discovery Bay, to Clifton Court Forebay. Groundwater from the Subbasin is a vital component of our water supply, along with water from the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers that reaches us through the Delta. SGMA took effect on January 1, 2015, and requires all groundwater basins, designated as medium or high priority by the Department of Water Resources, to be sustainably managed by the year 2042. The Department of Water Resources designated the East Contra Costa Subbasin as medium priority based on several factors, including population, number of wells, irrigated area, and groundwater conditions.

Collaborative Groundwater Management Planning in the East Contra Costa Subbasin

To ensure long-term sustainability of the groundwater basin, the District has formed a Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA). The District’s GSA is collaborating with GSAs formed by other water suppliers within the Subbasin to create a joint Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). The GSP will be in compliance with SGMA.

To learn more about the Sustainable Groundwater Management Planning for the East Contra Costa Subbasin, please see the dedicated website for it at https://www.eccc-irwm.org/about-sgma

How to Get Involved

Throughout the development process of the GSP, citizens will be asked for input.  Please email groundwaterinfo@dcd.cccounty.us and request to be added to their distribution list.