New Diablo Water District Customer Portal now available: online payment options, historical consumption and new features that will be launched soon to help customers manage their water use and bills.  

To pay via phone call: 866-279-7518

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our office is closed to the public.  Please use one of our online bill payment solutions or call the office 925-625-3798 to make payment arrangements.


The District is a not for profit, independent public agency that is regulated by its Board of Directors and all applicable State and Federal laws.  The budget setting process is open to public input and is routinely presented during the Board's April through June agendas.  Beyond budget setting, the District has a set of administrative regulations to guide staff on purchasing and procurement of supplies, equipment and services.

In order to run the District, reserves are maintained that can be drawn down during low water sales years (drought and recessions) and replenished over time to mitigate rate spikes.  These reserves are prudently invested in compliance with the District's investment policy.

Nearly 99% of the District's revenue is collected through water rates charged to our customers.


Link to State Controller's webpage with District's reported Financial Transaction Report